5 suggestions to enhance visual storytelling through Facebook

5 suggestions to enhance visual storytelling through Facebook

IMPROVING the general appeal and visual storytelling on your brand’s Facebook page should not be so complicated. All it takes is a little imagination and yes, creativity. Here are some ways to do it:

Worth a thousand words

A picture is already a story by itself. The old adage that it is worth a thousand words has never made more sense. Tell the story as it is, through vivid photos and you will realize that you don’t need to rely on too many text to convey the message.

Promoting special events

If you treat special moments like weddings, promotions, and anniversaries with a photo announcement, there’s no reason why you won’t give the next special event the same importance. If special moments mean so much to you, you know photo announcements will make them more special. Tip: you can promote a special event by posting details on Facebook and other social media sites from your iPad and share the excitement to friends and family.

Lifting famous quotes

According to Brendan Francis, “a quotation in an article, speech or book is like a rifle in the hands of an infantryman. It speaks with authority.” In other words, you can enhance your shares and posts on Facebook by using special photography software like Photoshop to put more beauty into a branded message, brmsocial.com can help you out with brand images also. You can also check out photo meme sites for shareable graphic quotes or you can buy one.

The personal touch

The volume of text and pictures uploaded through Instagram from Facebook and other gadgets are proof on how the sharing of photos has become more accessible and convenient these days. Giving your page a personal touch makes it a lot easier to promote your imagery and brand’s feed via selected hashtags. With the right amount of creativity and special touch, you can make your brand stand out.

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Top 10 social media apps for iPad

Top 10 social media apps for iPad

SOCIAL MEDIA apps allow us to connect with people like never before. Modern technology has now made it possible for many people to talk and see others from different corners of the globe with just a click of the mouse.

Check out these 10 social media apps that have made our connections easier and the world a lot smaller.

1. Facebook – Perhaps the most popular social media apps of all, Facebook allows us to chat, share photos and videos and learn about things that are keeping our friends and families busy these days. Hundreds of millions of people use Facebook on a daily basis.

2. Chat for Google Talk – This app is developed to help you communicate with friends via iPad and iPhone. It allows you to send and receive photos and chat through its highly-customizable chat features among other cool functions.

3. Voto – Share your thoughts and interests with friends through Voto. This app has unlimited uploads and allows you to keep tab on where your friends have voted, as its name suggests. It has a one-click signup feature that enables you to locate your friends via Instagram.

4. Twitter – This app allows you to get real time ideas, thoughts, and inspiration, including photos, videos, and other stuff from friends anytime, anywhere. Make it short and sweet with Twitter’s 164-character limit messaging.

5. FriendCaller Video Chat – This app provides SMS and texting, group messaging, video conferencing, and calls. The app can also be integrated on your PC’s browser.

6. PrivateMSG for WhatsApp – Send and receive texts and voice mail through the app’s private messaging feature. Your secrets and other sensitive conversations are safe with PrivateMSG!

7. Skype – Be part of more than 250 million users through this cool app. Enjoy free video calls and voice chat with friends on Skype, one of the leading apps to hit the Internet today.

8. AYI – Check on what’s hot and what’s not from friends using Ayi. Discover new faces and interests on your social media circle. This app is as good as they come!

9. KakaoStory – Share your life’s story with KakaoStory! This app is a great medium to share both your happy and sad personal adventures. Get in on your iPad and start sharing your stories today.

10. Vine – Create memorable and looping video clips using this cool app. It’s easy to use. Share with family and friends and enjoy memorable moments on video with Vine.

These iPad apps are surely worth your time and best of all, they’re free!

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Top 5 Games for the iPad

Top 5 Games for the iPadIf you’re a video game junkie, you might want to check out these new games which have been released for the iPad last month. Get your hands on these latest games for your favorite iPad toy.


Bardbarian blends certain graphic ingredients straight from Castle clash games with a Snake-like control where your army of loyal warriors obeys your command to decapitate the enemy, a legion of vicious creatures and monsters. Bardbarian ($0.99) is upgradable and very addicting!

Battle Supremacy

You don’t want to miss out on this game, especially if you are a tank war fanatic.

Battle Supremacy is a World War II-era battle simulation that features an engaging single-player mode as well as a full online multi-player campaign. At $4.99, this game is totally worth your time and money. Try it out on your iPad!


In this game, you have a limited array of character skills to deal with danger, but the good news is your enemies are mostly predictable. Merging all these elements into action to reach the bottom of the pits and coming out of it in one piece is not a walk in the park, which gives players just the right amount of thrill they are seeking for. Get this game for only $1.99.

MovieCat 2 – The Movie Trivia Game Sequel!

Fanatics of film clips must try out this cool app for the iPad. While the sequel brings on the table nearly the same amount of game excitement as that of the original, avid gamers will have just as much time enjoying the seemingly endless volume of cat themed movie trivia. If you are well-versed with movies that have felines as among its leading characters, this app is one you should try. Price: $1.99.

The Room Two

The Room was such a big hit it made a lasting mark among game addicts when it was rolled out on the iPad not long ago. However, it has one drawback: it hooked gamers so much they demanded for more. The Room Two features the same level of action and manages to deal with the issue with more engaging puzzles that make the sequel feel rather more interesting. Get it on your iPad for $2.99.

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Purchasing Amazon eBooks for your iPad

Purchasing Amazon eBooks for your iPad

THE iPad can totally work with the Kindle-based eBook system of Amazon. Just set it up with a Kindle app, which you can get from the App Store for free, and you’re good to go.

Here’s how you can acquire eBooks from Amazon for your iPad:

Tap on the “App Store” icon on your iPad and type “Kindle” on the search box. When you see the app, check on Details and tap the “Free” icon then “install”. You’re now ready to download the app. You may begin downloading ebooks as soon as the app is installed.

You can also sync your ebooks with all your Amazon electronic reader apps if you have a Kindle app on your PC or smartphone. Simply sign in to each device’s account using your Amazon account and password. The devices will automatically sync each time you enable the app which then connects your iPad online.

You can avail of all titles from Amazon and download them to your iPad. Amazon has a huge volume of ebook titles and you can purchase or get them for free and load on your gadget.

To do this, you must be connected online in order to select the titles. Make sure your iPad is properly set up as the target location for your download, especially if you have other devices or apps that are linked to your account.

All ebook purchases for the iPad are done thru the online store of Amazon.

Your account should monitor your online transactions, and for extra support, you may need to sync your gadget with iTunes after buying the ebooks just to make sure.

The Kindle app also comes with a special feature that will allow users to archive ebooks, and transferring or deleting them to save on memory storage on your device. No extra fee is needed should you decide to download them again.

Ebooks are some of the best apps that you can fill your iPad with. They are informative, fun, and best of all available for download anytime

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APP REVIEW: Cookspiration App for the iPad

APP REVIEW: Cookspiration App for the iPad

THE COOKSPIRATION app, a craftily-designed, fresh and handy digital cooking guide, is the one you need in the kitchen for that delicious recipe you’ve been so anxious to cook.

As a nice way to start, the Cookspiration app automatically detects the current time and day, giving you appropriate and more preferred choices in your cooking routines.

This includes a guide on how to cook up healthy pancakes for breakfast and mouth-watering pineapple pies for dinner, among other tasty treats.

If you are craving for something else aside from sweets or pies, the app features six different recipe suggestions to help you decide what kind of dish you can make at any time of the day.

In addition to these recipe suggestions, the Cookspiration app also has a special feature called Mood and Activity Tips that gives you detailed information on how to prepare the dish and what time of the day it is ideal to do so.

After choosing the type of food, it is time to begin the cooking process. Each recipe comes with a summary, list of ingredients, step-by-step cooking instructions, easy-to-follow variation proposals, a nutrition label and high-resolution images to give you an idea on how the recipe will look like.

The Cookspiration app is powered by the iOS 7-style user-interface, manual and automatic time and day selection, including a large array of recipe choices programmed by well-known Dieticians of Canada.

This 17.7 MB app is free and best of all it comes loaded with lots of child-friendly selections on top of other options where you can separately save recipes as favorites and share to your friends on the internet.

The Cookspiration is an app that not only helps you develop your culinary skills. It also helps you to prepare and organize recipes for special occasions with friends and families. Find your inspiration in cooking with Cookspiration!

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