Guru Gripe: The Apple iPod Giganto – Video Star?

Joshua Tarrats If you go by the number of “Diggs,” and I do, my last post about Apple’s upcoming tablet has been the most successful article to date for this site. I WIN. For now. I do however want to clear up a few things not only about that article, but Apple’s iPod Giganto in […]

Apple’s Tablet Device Confirmed by Financial Times for Q4

Yowser, Apple’s incredibly heavily rumored tablet computing device has apparently been outed by The Financial Times! They have several people “involved” in the project stating that the device is set to launch close to the iPod launch window of September. They’ve also uncovered some extremely interesting details regarding it’s specifications and services, specifically how it […]

Apple Tablet Outed by Apple Insider to Gizmodo

Gizmodo’s editor Brian Lam received a phone call as a followup to a mysterious email about the rumored Apple Tablet device, the phone call started like this: “Hey, it’s [redacted]. I may or may not have sat in some Apple meetings for the tablet.” I was driving, and swerved a little bit, even though both […]

Secret Apple Commercial Filmed in California, For iTablet or iPod Camera?

Apparently Apple has filmed a top secret commercial in Truckee California at the restaurant Jax at the Trax. The owner Bud Haley had this to say: Apple found us, they’re trying to show us as a hip and cool spot for the 20-something crowd This commerical could be for any number of new unreleased Apple […]

The Apple Tablet: Why?

Joshua Tarrats There has been plenty of buzz lately about the expected Apple tablet. Every technology blogging site (this blog included) has had a post about it. Here is what we expect: The new Apple Tablet will most likely have a 10 inch screen. It will probably run one of Intel’s Atom processor (the same […]

Traces of What may be an Apple Tablet Device or iPod Touch With Camera Found

A device designated as “iProd 1,1″ has appeared in the USB configuration utility of the new OS 3.1 Developers kit, leading many to speculate that this device may be the rumored iTablet, or another new apple product like the iPod Touch with camera or the Nano with camera. Apple often uses “iProd” as a generic indicator […]

Analyst Claims Apple Tablet is Real, Has Held It. Will be Released in November

The often rumored Apple Tablet that no one can quite figure out why Apple is making has been “confirmed” again in a story from an unindentified “veteran” analyst on Barrons. This news comes hot on the heels of a Financial Timesstory that also confirmed the device. The analyst says that the $700-$800 price tag is accurate and […]