iPad VGA Adapter

This is the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter ($29), which allows the iPad to be connected to a projector or monitor to display its screen content at 1024×768 resolution. Audio is pushed through the iPad’s speakers or the headphone jack. In the future there should be a way to display separate content, like running […]

iPad SD/USB Camera Connection Kit

The iPad has definitely kept to the streamlined ethos that Apple has been so fond of with their portable devices. So much so that if you want to do anything more than connect your iPad to your computer or charge it, you’re going to need a dongle…. There have already been a few dongles announced, […]

How Apple Wants iPad Apps to Work….

If you poke around inside Apple’s iPad User Experience Guidelines like UXMag is doing, you can get a surprisingly revealing look at exactly how particular Apple is about how they want the iPad’s apps to look and work…. Here are some of the points that Apple stresses should determine how an iPad app is set […]

Video Chat Coming in iPhone 4 and iPad

As people dig deeper into the iPhone 3.2 SDK, more possible features for iPhone 4 are surfacing, the latest rumor to surface is the discovery of icons and code strings that refer to video calling. These could refer to the new iPhone or even a future version of the iPad…. 9to5Mac discovered the features when […]

iPad to Support Flash After All?

Huh, this is interesting…. The original promotional materials and videos for the iPad showed a flash plugin displaying correctly on the iPad. This turned out to be a mistake on behalf of the marketing department….but now, the pictures and video are back… showing flash working on the iPad…. Macrumors is reporting that the promo materials […]