Hard Graft Pocket Case for iPad

I’m a case whore. Always have been. I switch up cases on my iPhone a lot and I already have 2 cases for my iPad, the Belkin Grip a practical day-today case and a “dress case” made from a vintage Yves St. Laurent suit from Etsy I got as an anniversary present from Oliver. But […]

Create Beautiful Typography and Watermarks with TypeDrawing for iPad

TypeDrawing is an easy to use iPad app for creating Typography art, just a chunk of text and an artistic bent are all you need to create some pretty stunning stuff with this app. If you use a photograph as a background you can even create stunning watermarks for your photography. Start by typing a […]

Prince of Persia Retro for iPad. Sweet.

I cannot impress upon you how much the original Prince of Persia influenced me as a gamer. It was one of the first games to truly imbue your character with a personality through it’s fluid animation and I spent countless hours guiding the prince through the dungeons and palace on my way to a showdown […]

The iPhone Guru Podcast is Now on iTunes!

Thank you everyone who has downloaded and listened to the iPhone Guru Podcast so far, we appreciate the support. I’m proud to announce that The iPhone Guru Podcast is now available on iTunes for free download and subscription. Please visit iTunes and subscribe to the podcast here. If you like the podcast please rate it and […]

Feel Sicker with WebMD for iPad

Now you’ve got an even better way to make yourself think you have some funky disease. WebMD has just released an iPad version chock full of symptom descriptions, drug and treatment information, local health listings and more. The app is well designed and executed, with a clean, easy to navigate interface that takes you through […]

Wired Hits the App Store at $5 a Pop

The Wired magazine app has been long delayed because of Apple’s recent distaste for external authoring systems that we talked about in the Podcast recently. But now it’s here and it shows off the iPad’s interface and delivers the magazines content in an interactive way while still remaining uncluttered. Yet it still might not garner […]

Play Multiplayer SNES on Your iPad with an iPhone as a Controller

Well we’ve seen the WiiMote Hack that lets you use a WiiMote to control a Super Nintendo Emulator on your iPad, but this is really slick. Run any SNES game on your iPad and turn your iPhone (or iPod touch Jussi ) into an authentic looking SNES controller! The coolest thing? Supports MULTITAP! Yes, you […]

Boil a Perfect Egg With Your iPad

Ok, you’re not exactly going to be boiling an egg with your iPad, but what you can do is time an egg with your iPad using the Egg Boiler app. Yes, it’s a pretty simple task, but the app does take into account egg temperature, consistency and equipment to try to get you the perfect […]

Netflix App for iPad Supports Video Out

Netflix has updated the official iPad app to support video output using the official Apple adapter. This makes the iPad a pretty sweet mobile on-demand video solution for Netflix subscribers.I have yet to grab the VGA adapter to try this out but the next time I go on a trip I might. Video coming out […]

The iPhone Guru Podcast Episode #0

The first episode of the iPhone Guru Podcast is now up. Click The links at the bottom of the post to download the podcast or stream it over your mobile device. You can also listen to the Podcast through the Vimeo video below. The Podcast will be up on iTunes as well shortly. You can […]