Hulu Announces Hulu Plus for iPad – Say Goodbye to Cable

It’s been a long time coming, but Hulu has now announced their Hulu Plus service for $9.99. The expanded service offers playback on the iPhone and iPad as well as a larger catalog of offerings including complete seasons of many of their shows. For $10 a month, you’ll be able to stream in HD entire […]

Use Restrictions to Disable iPad Apps

Sometimes you don’t want to give the person using your iPad access to all of your apps, or, if you’re a parent, you might want to restrict which apps your kids have access to when you hand them your iPad. Here’s how to use the iPads Restrictions feature to do just that. There are actually […]

So Hot: Griffin iShred Live and Guitar Connect for iPad

I challenge you not to see the awesome in this. Griffin is set to release the iShred app to go along with the  Guitar Connect cable that connects your guitar to an iPhone or iPad. I’ve always toyed with the idea of taking up guitar but have never really gotten beyond the noodling point, too […]

How to Tether Your iPad to Your Blackberry

I’m not a Blackberry user at all, but I thought this was interesting as RIM still sells a heck of a lot of phones I’m sure there are a lot of iPad users who own Blackberry’s. A user of just such a combo on the Crackberry Forums came up with a method to tether a […]

Not Many Posts? Blame iPhone 4

You might have noticed that the iPad Guru has been slow over the past few days. This is largely due to the release of iPhone 4. But have no fear, we’ve got some great stuff in store for you over the weekend and we’ll be back to normal next week. For now, if you’re interested […]

Fix There is not enough memory available Error Syncing iPad

At times, while syncing the iPad to iTunes, you’ll end up with a “There is not enough memory available” error, even though you have plenty of available space on your device. This is due to a space reporting bug in iTunes sync, so there is no real fix for it yet, but there is a workaround […]

How to Import PDFs to iBooks using Dropbox on Your iPad

Dropbox is a fantastic service that allows you to store files (2GB for free, or $9.99 per month / $99.00 per year for 50GB) online. It also syncs those files across all of the computers you own that have the Dropbox software installed, and, you can access all of your stored files via a web […]

DC Comics iPad App Released, Pretty Decent

I’m a Marvel Comics guy and have been since I was young, although there are a few DC titles that I love, so I’m happy to see that DC finally got their act together and released an iPad app. The app is well built and easy to navigate, it uses the same engine as the […]

Use iPad Peek to See How Your Website Looks on an iPad

This is a suseful one for web designers who are looking to have their sites display well on the iPad. iPad Peek is a tool created by developer Pavol Rusnak to help designers structure their sites to work better on the iPad. Just type in the browser bar to enter your sites address and watch […]

Quickly Scroll to the End of a Page on the iPad

I’ve gone over how to quickly scroll to the top of a page on the iPad, but Apple wasn’t kind enough to include a way to zip down to the bottom of a lengthy webpage. Thankfully someone else was irritated by this and came up with a solution. Simply visit this site and follow the […]