How to Register an iTunes Account With No Credit Card

How to Register an iTunes Account With No Credit Card

Here’s how to set up an iTunes account with no credit card from SimonBlog:

1. First, launch iTunes and go to iTunes Store.

2. Next, scroll to the bottom of iTunes Store homepage and select your country.

Note: If your country does not support registration of account without credit card, please try to register it on US app store.

3. Click “App Store” to access the iPhone App Store

4. Next, select any free iPhone application and click “Get App”. Make sure you should only download free application.

5. Once you try to download the free app, iTunes will request you to sign-in. As you do not have any iTunes account, click “Create new account” button to register.

6. Click “Continue” button to proceed.

7. Next, read through the iTunes terms and condition. Agree it and click “Continue”.

8. Follow the instruction to fill in the email address, password, security question and birthday. Then click “Continue”.

9. Okay, here comes to the important part. You’ll be prompted to select the payment method of your iTunes account. Click on “None” checkbox and iTunes will no longer need you to provide the credit card information. Simply fill out your name, address and phone number to continue.

10. Next, iTunes prompts you to verify your account. Click “Done” and check your registered email account. You should get and email from iTunes Store.

11. In your mailbox, you should find an email similar to the following. Click the link and iTunes will prompt you to sign-in with your account name and password.

12. Congratulations! Once you login, you have successfully registered the iTunes account without using credit card.


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