Welcome International iPhone 4 Owners! Here’s What You Need to Know!

The iPhone 4 just launched in 9 more countries worldwide and I know there are readers out there who went out and snagged one on opening day. Now that you’ve got it out of the box and wiped that drool off of it, here’s what you need to know to get the most out of […]

The Baddest Fridge Magnet Ever

Fridge looking a little bare with just boring pictures of the family and the ‘fantastic artwork’ from your littlest Picaso mucking up the place? Replace it all with the biggest and baddest fridge magnet ever, your iPad. I have to admit, this is a super clever idea. Woodford Designs FridgePad is a refrigerator mount for […]

Surprise! iPad Data Costs the US Way More than Most Countries

This interactive diagram by Tableau Software compares how much iPhone and iPad data transfer costs you compared to other data carriers in the US and around the world. The results are pretty sad, but not really surprising. Yup, compared to most of the world, we get totally boned when it comes to data costs. I […]

The Best iPad Apps for Photographers

We’re 3 months into a world with the iPad and we’re just starting to see it’s true potential start to peek through the clouds of controversy. As the dust settles from the launch, we’re seeing developers get down to creating some great, truly useful photography apps. This list of apps will sort, edit, capture, legalize […]

Save Long Stories and Articles from the Web to Read Later in iBooks

I’m addicted to Instapaper and I’m a hoarder of articles. I save tons of great stuff that I want to real later but don’t have the time to by tapping my bookmark and watching for the notice that it’s been saved to Instapaper’s servers for me to read later. This means though that I can’t […]

iPhone Jailbreak Now Legal

Although this news pertains to the iPhone, the iPad can also be Jailbroken so this law has a major potential impact on the legality of iPad Jailbreaking as well. In fact I would go so far as to say that it’s probably included here. Every three years the Library of Congress rules on exemptions from […]

How to Transfer Pictures and Video to iPad from iPhone

There are some amazing photo editing apps out there for the iPhone and I use the best of those regularly. The iPad now has most of my favorites ported to it and with more screen real-estate, it becomes a totally solid option to a laptop for editing images that you take on vacation with your […]

Flipboard is an Amazing way to Waste Time

Social networks are largely a huge waste of time. The time spent actually “networking” on them is minuscule next to the amount of time we spend just tooling around looking at people’s pictures, reading their funny posts and generally trying to compare our lives to our old classmates to see how we stack up. Well, […]

The iPad Will be Available in 9 More Countries Friday

Apple has announced that the iPad will be available in Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore this Friday, July 23. Beginning this Friday, customers can purchase all models of iPad through Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers in those countries. The iPad is currently available in Australia, Canada, […]

Space Invaders HD Brings Back Pizza Grease and Joysticks

Just the right amount of pizza grease, a line of quarters sitting up on the rim of the screen, glistening in their claims of ‘next’. Arcade games are dead but their spirit lives on. Space Invaders HD keeps the dream alive on the App Store, directly from inventor Taito. Space Invaders is on the iPad, […]