Virtual Frog Dissection on iPad… Yay?

Virtual Frog Dissection on iPad… Yay?

I’m not an activist by any means, but I do believe that alive things should stay alive, except for the Chimera, kill it with fire!* That’s why this i thought this iPad app was so neat. It’s an app called Frog Dissection that simulates a 747 cockpit for flying instruction. Also it simulates Frog Dissection.

The app looks pretty nifty, with a guided dissection and 360 degree views of vital organs to help you decide what to cook for dinner.

[Frog Disection, $5, iTunes] [Recombu]via[Gizmodo]

*The iPhone Guru does not advocate killing mythical beasts with fire. One should always use a fantastical magical weapon gifted by a guardian being.

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