UPDATE: iTunes Account Fraud Probably Fault of Stupid Users, Not Paypal (or Apple)

Earlier today I posted an article detailing the experiences of some iTunes users that had seen their Paypal or bank account balances drained by an apparent vulnerability in iTunes that allowed hackers to purchase dozens of apps or in-app purchases without the owners knowledge. Now Digital Daily’s John Paczkowski is stating that sources close to […]

Simplenote, the Best Writing App for iPad Gets a Sweet Update

Simplenote, my favorite writing app for the iPad and iPhone got a major update with it’s newest version. The team has added some fantastic features like shared notes, tags, pinning positions of notes and rolling back notes to previous versions. There’s some great stuff here that adds to the value of what I consider to […]

Fraud Warning: If Your Paypal Account is Linked to iTunes, Your Money Isn’t Safe

Yesterday, TechCrunch reported on a scenario that seems to be growing in seriousness. iTunes account holders that have their Paypal accounts linked as their method of payment are finding their Paypal account balances and in some cases even checking accounts emptied out. So if you use Paypal as a payment method in iTunes, you should […]

Inkling Brings Interactive and Finally Useful Textbooks to the iPad

A virtual, interactive textbook, integrating pictures, video and collaboration. This is the iPad’s killer app. Now we just have to see how many of the big textbook publishing houses will get on board. Textbooks are big business, so my hopes aren’t too high as of yet, but Inkling is showing off a big bright future […]

A New iPad Bag from Booq is Near Perfect

I’m always on the hunt for new bags to carry my technology in. I’ve got a bag for every occasion and yet I still manage to find room for more. That’s why I was so attracted to this new bag Booq has out for the iPad, until I noticed it’s fatal flaw. Booq makes great […]

A Verizon iPhone Looms Ever Closer and Brings Along Rumors of iPads

There have been new rumblings bubbling to the surface in the ever-threatening sea of Verizon iPhone 4 rumors. Several new facts and finds are pointing the way towards an iPhone on the “other” major carrier in the US after a three year wait. I for one think that it’s very much time for Apple to […]

Toodledo for iPad Free Today, One of the Better ToDo List Apps

Toodledo, a great to do list app for the iPhone and iPad, is being offered free for today only. I’d snag it if I were you, it’s definitely one of the better ToDo apps for either platform. It normally runs a reasonable 4 bucks, but free is even more reasonable! Toodledo is a powerful task […]

Review: Agent 18 FlowerVest for iPad

The Agent 18 FlowerVest is a silicon case for the iPad that doesn’t offer much in the way of drop or bounce protection, but it is pretty and it feels good in the hand. The unit that I reviewed was purple with a large white flower on the back, it is, in my wife’s words…cute. […]

Even Ozzy Can Use an iPad

Ozzy may be an addled rocker with scrambled eggs for a brain but even he can use an iPad, according to his daughter Kelly. The celebrity gossip mongers at Monsters and Critics snagged this quote from Kelly Osbourne about her dad’s iPad usage: ‘My dad’s never been one for technology, so I was totally tripped out […]