The Sonos App for iPad is Out, Controls Multi-Room Music

The Sonos dock for iPhone was popped out just a few days ago, but they aren’t sitting on their laurels. They’ve also just released an app for the iPad, something any iPad owning customer of the most popular multi-room music solution has been chomping at the bit for. It basically removes any need for a […]

More New Features Found in iOS 4.2 Beta 2, iPad Gets Performance Boost

In addition to the iPad getting a new multitasking animation, more new features are being discovered about the iPhone iOS 4.2 Beta 2 that was just released. Here are a few cool tidbits… The Mobile App Store now shows a Game Center icon in description of apps that support it, which matches the new behavior […]

Apple TV Remote Updated to Support iPad!

The Remote app has become a fixture in my house for controlling our (older 40GB) Apple TV, especially during parties or dinners with people over. We can change songs or playlists or tweak the volume of the music in the house from a quick visit to the Remote. This is why I’m super excited to […]

The New Yorker Introduces Their iPad App With a Quirky Intro Video

The New Yorker has debuted the iPad version of their magazine with an app that supports in-app purchasing of each issue. They decided to introduce the app with an awesome video starring Francis Ford Coppola’s other nephew* Jason Schwartzman. The video was directed by Roman Coppola, the eldest Coppola’s son. This week’s inaugural tablet issue […]

South Park Parodies the iPad Ad with Their New Promo

South Park has made a business of skewering pretty much anything pop culture and Apple has been a frequent target. Their latest brainchild is a promo spot for their new season that mimics the iPad ‘Musical’ ad right down to the text and the music. Brilliant. And here’s the original ‘iPad is Musical’ TV Spot:

Paprika App for iPad Keeps Your Recipes in Line

Recipe organization is a pain, either you flip through multiple cookbooks or print them out from the webs and store them in some madman’s scrapbook arrangement, neither is ideal. Now Hindsight Labs has announced the release of Paprika Recipe Manager for iPad. Paprika lets you easily create your own recipes, save recipes from any website, […]

Lord of the Rings Tower Defense Coming to iPhone!

Ok, I’m super excited about this. I love tower defense games for the iPhone, Fieldrunners is still one of my favorite games, and I’m a huge Lord of the Rings dork, so the upcoming Lord of the Rings Tower Defense game coming to the iPhone has got me absolutely chomping at the proverbial bit. Glu […]

UK Daily Telegraph Comes to iPad in a Daily Edition

The Daily Telegraph is following in the New York Times footsteps by offering a daily ‘Best of’ through their new iPad app. I hope that this marks a new trend among all major news outlets although I’m interested to see the first newspaper that puts up the entire edition daily on the iPad, not just […]

Apple Only has 2.8% of the Mobile Market Pie, but Eats 39% of it’s Profits

Apple accounts for 2.8% of mobile handsets sold but takes 39% of industry profits, according to data from Canaccord Genuity’s iPhone specialist Michael Walkley . This report isn’t too surprising, considering that Apple has one of the highest profit margins per-unit of any mobile company, but it still puts into stark detail exactly how much […]

VLC for iPad Released, Plays Most Formats of Video with no Conversion

The ultimate video playback app, VLC Media Player, has been approved by Apple and is now available for the iPad. VLC is famous for running on almost every operating system and playing back almost any video file format on earth. It’s arrival on the iPad means that you will no longer have to transcode every […]