Oh Balls, FarmVille Gets Launched for the iPad

Zynga has just released the scourge on humanity known as FarmVille for the iPad. This marks the first time that the ‘official’ Farmville has been available on the iPad, although there have been some equally irritating imitators. Prepare to see FV at the top of the iPad game charts for a while. The (unfortunately) most […]

How to Jailbreak Your iPad or iPad 3G on iPad OS 3.2.2 Using PwnageTool

The iPhone Dev-Team has released PwnageTool 4.1 which adds supports for the iPad, Apple TV 2G and Jailbreaks iOS 4.1 on (almost) all iDevices. Here’s how to Jailbreak your iPad WiFi or iPad 3G with PwnageTool. These are instructions on how to jailbreak your iPad or iPad 3G on iPad OS 3.2.2 using PwnageTool for […]

Verizon to Start Selling iPad on October 28th

Well this is interesting, Verizon and AT&T have both announced that they will start selling the iPad in stores on October 28th. Teh AT&T thing isn’t a huge surprise as we all knew it was coming at some point, but the Verizon deal signals the first time that any Apple product will go on sale […]

This is a Cool iPad 2 Concept Done in White iPhone 4 Style

We still haven’t seen any sign of the iPhone 4 in white as we were promised and people are already applying the signature Apple white to the ‘next iPad’. This is a nifty concept of what the next iPad might look like if Apple ever gets their act together on the process to make white […]

How to Jailbreak Your iPad With LimeRa1n on a Mac

This article discusses Jailbreaking and Unlocking your iPhone. For more information about these procedures and why you might want to do this to your iPhone, check out our Jailbreaking and Unlocking section here and read this post dedicated to explaining these terms. For more information about Jailbreaking, subscribe to our Feed and follow us on […]

Review: Screenguardz Anti-Glare Screen Protector for iPad

I had been resisting putting a screen protector on my iPad from day one, preferring to use it naked because I didn’t want anything to come in between me and the gorgeous screen. This is a departure for me because I normally slap a screen protector on my devices on day one. When I got […]

How to Jailbreak Your iPad With LimeRa1n

The Limera1n Jailbreak from iPhone hacker Geohot is now available, here’s how to Jailbreak your iPad with Limera1n. NOTE: I’ve used iPhone screenshots here as placeholders but the procedure is the same on iPad. I’ll replace them when I can. WARNING: LimeRa1n is still in Beta release, this means that it’s still relatively unstable and […]

Booq Boa Folio Case for iPad

Booq has been hitting it out of the park with great looking cases for iPad lately. This Folio Case in their Boa lineup is no exception. It’s got a sort of high-class Trapper Keeper look to it and it doubles as a stand. The materials look fantastic, more durable than a leather outer cover for […]

These Official Moleskine Cover for iPad Looks Incredible

You can make jokes about the hipster quotient necessary to carry a Moleskine around without irony these days, but don’t make them around me. I love these little notebooks and jot down many of my ideas for projects and articles in them before they make it out here or into a piece of art. We’ve […]