Macworld 2011: The Sustainable and Stylish Lostdog iPhone and iPad Cases by Aurèle

Even if you’re not familiar with the French artist Aurèle, these Lostdog iPhone and iPad cases are still striking, attractive and bold alternatives to the plain solid colored cases we saw all day. Just as interesting as the cases themselves was the recycled and reusable retail packaging. The Lostdog series of cases marketed by Bluetrek […]

Macworld 2011: Raindesign iRest is an iPad Stand for Lazy People

I can’t think of any scenario where the iRest wouldn’t make me feel like a lazy slob while using, although I’m sure that some people can’t simply hold their iPad in their hands while sitting down and would love this stand. It’s got padded feet and an articulating hinge and is designed to sit on […]

Macworld 2011: Appetites is a Video Recipe Cooking App for iPad

In my experience as an instructor and tutor I can tell you that 90% of people will remember something better if you show them rather than just tell them. That’s the concept behind the Appetites app for iPad. They’ve collected a selection of hand curated recipes from the best food bloggers and brought them into […]

Macworld 2011: Otterbox Defender Case for iPad

In addition to their Reflex lineup for iPhones, Otterbox was also showing off their Defender series for iPad. It’s a three-part case with a cover on front that can be detached and used as a stand and a rubberized exterior coating. The protective cover can be placed on the front to prevent your iPad’s screen […]

Macworld 2011: Luxmo Jewelled Cases for iPhone and iPad

As the iPhone case market gets absolutely saturated with silicon cases printed with every design under the sun, it’s refreshing to see some case designs that are really out there in a crazy way. There is nothing that represents this better than the jewel encrusted cases for iPad and iPhone that Luxmo was showing off […]

Definitive Evidence of the New Camera App on iPad 2

Poking around in the iOS 4.3 beta for iPad has revealed some pretty hard evidence that the iPad 2 will have a Camera app. Specifically, buried in the the Accessibility Bundles of iOS 4.3 is a section dedicated to the Camera app, including an information file that tells the iPad how to handle launching of […]

Apple’s Game Center Hacked to Submit Any High Score

Well this was as inevitable as it is unwelcome, Apple’s Game Center has been hacked via a Jailbreak app that allows you to submit any high score for any game you want. It isn’t an aimbot yet, but this is just the beginning. You can see a video of the hack in action below. The […]