Macworld 2011: Zenus Leather iPhone and iPad Cases Look Great, Are a Little Pricey

Macworld 2011: Zenus Leather iPhone and iPad Cases Look Great, Are a Little Pricey

This year at Macworld I noticed a few trends in iPhone and iPad accessories and one of them is that silicon is out and leather is in as the number one material for iPhone and iPad cases. I don’t know if we have a surplus of cows in the world or what but almost everyone was showing off leather cases for iDevices. Case maker Zenus has some issues with their copyrighting (i-pad anyone?) and their logo is an unrecognizable mess but their leather cases actually look pretty fantastic.

They were showing a bunch of cases but the Vintage Brown leather case for iPhone 4 was a standout. It’s stitched in a nicely matched lighter thread and fitted with a suede interior to protect your precious. The only missed cue in my opinion is the black plastic lining that shows through around the camera and flash opening. It hurts the overall effect of the case, which is otherwise a nice looking leather option. The kicker however, is the price, which is $59 on Zenus’ site. This is a tad high. That was an understatement.

The Color Layered case for iPad is another matter though. It’s $99 bucks, which, while not cheap, isn’t any more than I’ve seen from a lot of case manufacturers pushing premium cases for the iPad. The look and feel of the Color Layered case is top notch across the board. With a brightly colored interior trimmed in leather, a textured exterior and a solid flip-up flap that converts the case into a stand.

It comes in Pink and white, white and black, black and orange (pictured) and black and green. The iPhone case is available now on the Zenus site as is the iPad case.

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