Macworld 2011: iWavit Remote, an IR and RF Dongle that Controls your PC, Mac and Just About Everything Else

Macworld 2011: iWavit Remote, an IR and RF Dongle that Controls your PC, Mac and Just About Everything Else

Infrared dongles that your iPhone or iPad can use to control home theater components or anything else that takes an IR command are nothing new, but the iWavit offers some pretty unique features that set it apart from other remote solutions that I’ve seen in the past. Some of the big standouts are the fact that you can use the iWavit to turn your iPad or iPhone into a virtual keyboard or touchpad for your computer and that you can custom build a remote right on the iPad that can control just about any device.

The iWavit is a combination of three hardware pieces, a USB dongle for PC control, the Transmitter which attaches to your iDevice and the Sensor bar that accepts the IR or RF commands and transmits them to your devices. The package is available together for $99.99. There are individual apps, all free, which control certain types of devices or their new Tabula Rasa app which contains all available remotes and allows you to custom build your own.

The remotes are represented on the app in visual form with completely working buttons. You can toggle through just certain sections of the remote as well to get access to specific functions easier. The interface is promising but relatively unpolished as of yet but it does work.

The remote customization feature is a cool one that allows you to use hundreds of different button elements to build your own power user remote that can control any combination of devices. You can program it to use any IR code for any home theater or entertainment device or choose from preset codes for certain manufacturers.

The PC (or mac) control dongle contains all of the software needed to run it so you don’t actually have to install any drivers to get your iDevice working as a wireless 3D mouse, keyboard, mic or touchpad for your home computer.

The iWavit comes in a package with all three hardware components, USB dongle, Transmitter and Sensor Bar for $99. The Tabula Rasa app is free on the App Store.

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