Untethered iOS 4.3 Jailbreak May Come This Week

iPhone hacker i0n1c has updated a YouTube video showing a Jailbreak of iOS 4.3 using a new undiscovered exploit to indicate that his Jailbreak may become available as soon as this week. The new Jailbreak would be compatible with any device that is susceptible  to the Limera1n exploit, which means pretty much all iOS 4.3 devices […]

Review: ThinkGeek iPad Keyboard Case is Meg Ryan of Keyboard Cases

While I’ve gotten faster typing on the iPad’s keyboard it will most likely never feel completely comfortable. The lack of tactile feedback as my fingers strike the keys and the finger tenderness that comes from smashing the tips of them onto a hard glass surface are two of the reasons that it’s still likely that […]

iPad 2 Smart Cover Teardown Reveals Complex 21 Magnet Construction

The Smart Cover is a uniquely Apple product. My review will be coming shortly so I won’t reveal all of my thoughts about it here but as a teaser I can tell you that it’s a beautifully constructed accessory for the iPad 2 with a couple of minor but annoying flaws. What you can’t argue […]

How to Enable the New Multitasking Gestures on Your iPad 2

We’ve talked extensively about the new multitasking gestures hidden away in the iOS 4.3 firmware and we think that they’re the bees knees. You can pinch to close an app, swipe with four fingers to switch between apps and swipe up with 4 fingers to reveal the multitasking drawer. They’re really handy and end up […]

MLB.TV and NBA Deals Prove That Subscription Services are Alive and Well on iOS

The iOS 4.3 update yesterday brought along with it an unexpected bonus in the form of MLB.TV and NBA League pass subscriptions coming to the AppleTV 2G. This addition does a lot to quell the rumors that subscription services would avoid deals with Apple in the future because of the high cost to the content […]

iOS 4.3 Released for iPad, iPhone and AppleTV 2G

Apple has released the official version of iOS 4.3 for iPhone and iPad, bringing expanded Airplay support, improved Java performance and a smattering of other features. iOS 4.3 is available now as an update via iTunes if you’re using an iDevice or through the Update Software menu on your AppleTV 2G. As you’re installing iOS […]

How to Install iMovie on Your iPad 1

If, like me, you though that iMovie was going to be able to be used on your iPad 1 and you were severely disappointed to see that it was being limited to the upcoming iPad 2 only, then this tutorial is for you. German site Fscklog has discovered that you can bypass the install checks […]

Flipboard Updated to Support Instagram and Social Search (Video)

Flipboard is a gorgeous iPad app that presents your social streams in a magazine format for you to flip through at your leisure. I love it for it’s simplicity and beauty and it’s hands down one of my favorite ways to browse news for the day. Even though they still have one of the best […]