How to Clean iPad Screen

With children using the iPad, it is unavoidable to have a dirty screen every now and then, and sometimes even got food on it. How to clean the screen safely? What to do before cleaning: 1. Unplug all cables 2. Turn off iPad by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button, and then sliding the onscreen […]

Phone Charging Tips: Do This And Your Battery Will Die

  We pride on paying meticulous attention to design, but we also strongly focus on learning how to best optimize battery life with effective charging techniques. Starting with Apple’s best definition of maximizing battery, “Battery life is the amount of time your device runs before it needs to be recharged. “Battery lifespan” is the amount of […]

How to charge your iPhone faster and make its battery last longer

    With the holiday season approaching, many smartphone users are going to be forced to spend time in areas which don’t have a plug point or powered USB port. Whether it’s the family dinner table, your camping holiday in the bush, or the oh-so-fun “let’s sit in the lounge and just talk to each […]